Advisory Board

Jorge M. Sepülveda, MSc

Jorge M. Sepúlveda, MSc is IT Application Manager & Project Manager at EDP – Energias de Portugal.
Jorge started working at a young age and had a large number of different jobs which got him through a lot of different business and industries but he always enjoyed IT and technology related stuff, which led him into a BSc and later a MSc in this area.
Jorge started his IT career by assembling and maintaining PCs and Small Enterprise Servers. Then he changed to web development roles, working on a couple of companies where he developed all sort of websites and web applications. He continued his web development spree working as a freelancer for a few other companies and small businesses. Finally he changed into his current IT management role.
His job functions have been evolving throughout his career taking on new and bigger responsibilities. He intends to keep walking this path, developing an IT Management career, always embracing new challenges and responsibilities and being able to apply his managing, leadership, and IT skills in order to contribute to the achievement of organization’s goals and objectives.
His main motivation is technological innovation and continuous personal and professional development, improving his own capabilities every day and being able to deliver an increased value to projects, pleasing all the stakeholders and improving organizations’ value.
Jorge earned his BSc in Information Systems and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in 2009 and his MSc in Information Systems and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico in 2010. He is currently studying Foresight, Strategy, and Innovation at Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestäo (ISEG) in Portugal.
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