Advisory Board

Dr. John V. Milewski

John V. Milewski, Ph.D, P Eng is an Internationally recognized leader and consultant in his field of Advanced Materials. He is a professional engineer, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor and lecturer. He is a retired staff member of Los Alamos National Labs and has worked previously as a scientific staff member at Exxon Research Center and at Thiokol Chemical Rocket Engine Div. He recently founded his own research company called Superkinetic, Inc. where he is currently working on a revolutionary new electric light bulb based on using a single crystal fiber as a filament.
John is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame in Chemical Engineering (1951), Stevens Institute of Technology with an MS in Metallurgy (1959), and earned his Ph.D. in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University (1973). He holds 30 patents and has over 42 publications and has edited 4 books in his field.
His patents include Method and apparatus for continuous controlled production of single crystal whiskers, Single crystal whisker electric light filament, Method of producing silicon carbide articles, Method for producing solar cell-grade silicon from rice hulls, Rocket motor, Composite heat shield, Light metal alloys strengthened by oxide, carbide, or nitride fibers, Apparatus for impact testing, High strength fiber reinforced composite, and Method of growing single crystal ribbons.
In March 2000 John along with his son Dr. Peter D. Milewski were honored to have their crystal filament light bulb invention Patent # 4,864,186 put on permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian American History Museum. This is part of a new exhibit titled “Lighting a Revolution” honoring the six most significant ideas in lighting field from 1950 to 2000.
He authored ORMUS is a Gas, The Effects of Magnetic Water, Superlight: One Source, One Force, Assembly of the Tiny Trap, Whiskers and short fiber technology, Development of manufacturing capabilities for hafnium carbide fibers: Final report, and coedited The Crystal Sourcebook: From Science to Metaphysics and Handbook of Reinforcements for Plastics.