Advisory Board

Joaquín Alvira Enríquez

Joaquín Alvira Enríquez is Strategic Management Consultant, having worked at the Great Place to Work Institute and the Hay Group. He’s done projects with Alta, Rendimientos Inteligentes (Financial Services), and more recently at CIDE (Economic Sciences Research Center) Consulting, leading the Structure + Strategy team. He has handled multi-disciplinary consultancy projects, working closely with CEOs and top management identifying pressing issues leading to added value operational implementations.
Joaquín has experience in business analysis and strategic implementation. He is proficient in quantitative methods applicable to diverse areas of knowledge. He incorporates a profitable, creative, and humane point of view under a rigorous ethical code. He excels at simplifying complex projects involving multiple functional areas, minimizing risk, and evaluating various foreseen scenarios.
His attributes include:

  • Excellent statistical and numerical insight
  • Innovative and educated perspectives
  • Public and Executive Communication skills
  • Advanced computer knowledge
  • XXII National Astronomy Congress speaker
  • Strategic Profile
Joaquín studied Physics Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where he received a scholarship to study at the university’s Astronomical Observatory (Centro Astronomico Clavius) earning his BSc in 2007 with the thesis Modelado Bidimensional de la Distribución de Brillo Superficial Galáctico; Implicaciones hacia la Clasificación Morfológica Cuantitativa de las Galaxias. In the thesis he details an approach to a quantitative method for classifying galaxies. He also studied abroad for a semester at the University of Miami, where he received a scholarship to work at the Copernicus Observatory. He’s been an expert guest in lectures, conferences, TV, and radio discussing science and astronomical concepts and controversial issues.
He is fluent in English and Spanish, with a basic knowledge of German. As a big music lover he enjoys playing the piano very poorly and enjoys watching and practicing sports, particularly soccer and football, being a huge fan of the Pumas U. N. A. M. and the Miami Dolphins. Visit his Facebook page. View his LinkedIn profile.