Advisory Board

Glenn Wagner

Glenn Wagner is Founder, CEO, and President at GALIAH, LLC.
His patents include:

  • Laser Pulse Oscillation “Particle Beam” (In Progress, refilled date Aug 2013)
  • Static Electric Broom (Filed, USA Patent Office, Nov 2013)
  • Nylanderia Fulva “Crazy Ant” Trap (Filed, USA Patent Office, Nov 2013)
  • Packing Peanut Vacuum Tool (Filed, Nov 2013)
  • Digital Currency Trade Cloud (In Progress, USA Patent Office)
  • Digital Currency Conversion Wallet (In Progress, USA Patent Office)
  • Static Electric Motor (In Development)
Glenn earned an Associate in Arts for Pre-Engineering at St. Petersburg College in 2011. He is currently studying Photonic Science & Engineering at the University of Central Florida.
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