Advisory Board

Giorgio Gaviraghi

Giorgio Gaviraghi graduated in Architecture at Milan Polytechnic in 1968 and did post graduate management courses at NYU in 1982. He was associated with aerospace and airport projects as designer and project manager (wide body final assembly plant, military and commercial aircraft overhauling facility, several airports) for major world companies as well as advanced industrial design projects in several countries.
Giorgio founded Pianeta Marte, an organization whose main goal is to propose innovative designs to the world industry. Currently more than one thousand innovative proposals, including a few truly revolutionary concepts, are in the pipeline. Among those are pAstroHut, an extraterrestrial construction system for the assembly of space stations in other bodies utilizing local materials as well as several new concepts of space development such as the deflected asteroid as cycler for affordable Moon or Mars missions. He presented several papers at major aerospace conventions and is currently working in two books, Space Development and Designing the Future, that include most of the new theories. He’s also the author of a science fiction book, First Contact.
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