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Gina “Nanogirl” Miller

Gina “Nanogirl” Miller is an artist and animator who established Nanotechnology Industries in 1998. Nanotechnology Industries distributes information and provides resources about nanotechnology and related emerging technologies that will transform our world in positive ways. She is also founder and moderator of The Nanotech email list and the Nanogirl News email list since 1999.
She has been featured in Wired Magazine,, the online science fiction magazine, PC Magazine, Signal, and in other various magazines and books.
Gina authored Cryonics: Background, Overview, and Bioethical Implications, Imaginary conversation about cryonic suspension, Nano In Brief, Lesser of Two Evils, The basics of Nanotechnology, and Nanorgasm. Read the full list of her publications!
Gina has completed a 3-minute long animation that nicely illustrates the workings of Rob Freitas’ proposed programmable dermal display (essentially, a video-touchscreen nano-tattoo that reports real-time medical information to the user, as reported back by numerous nanorobots stationed in various locations inside the body). This animation was recently televised on the History Channel show The Works.
Watch her demo reel! Read her blog. Read Nanoartist Profile: Gina Miller. Read her LinkedIn profile.