Advisory Board

Dr. Gary S. Mezo

Dr. Gary S. Mezo is Founder & CEO at NanoBiotech Pharma which helps people with unmet health needs achieve better health through their pioneering R&D.
NanoBiotech Pharma has 20 years of peer-reviewed published in-house and collaborative bench science, clinical trials, and published independently-conducted clinical studies. Their R&D focus: multiple chronic degenerative health issues, the relationships to pathological calcification, nanobacteria (aka nanobacterium sanguineum), calcifying nanoparticles, CNPs, NPs, NB), their LPS Biofilm, inflammation, infections, and their pioneering development of multiple non-prescription nanobiotics: NanobacTX, Urobac, and more.
Gary previously had 28 years of experience in family practice and emergency medicine. He was also invited speaker and lecturer at medical conventions. Read his LinkedIn profile. Visit his website.