Advisory Board

Gadi Evron

“You don’t need your firewalls! Gadi is Israel’s firewall.”
Itzik (Isaac) Cohen, “Computers czar”, Senior Deputy to the Accountant General, Israel’s Ministry of Finance, at the government’s CIO conference, 2005.

Gadi Evron is recognized for his work and leadership in Internet security operations and is arguably the world’s top expert on botnets. He is also considered an expert on corporate security, counterespionage, and cybercrime (e-fraud and phishing). Previously, he was CISO at the Israeli government ISP (eGovernment project) and founded the Israeli Government CERT. He organizes and chairs worldwide conferences, vetted working groups and task forces. He authored two books on information security and is a frequent lecturer.
Gadi coauthored Botnets: The Killer Web Applications and Open Source Fuzzing Tools, and authored Battling Botnets and Online Mobs: Estonia’s Defense Efforts during the Internet War, Web server botnets and hosting farms as attack platforms, The World of Botnets, Fuzzing: It Can Be Good for Finding Evil, Black Box Testing for Regulation Compliance and Software Certification, Taking down spammers: Successful spam fighting via legalization, regulation and economics, Estonian Cyber-War Highlights Civilian Vulnerabilities, and DNS-changing Trojan opens Mac OS X floodgates.
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