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Esther Baldwin, MBA

Esther Baldwin, MBA is the Artificial Intelligence Strategist for Enterprise and Government at Intel Corporation.

She has been with Intel for over 25 years and has enjoyed a number of technical and leadership roles, including three assignments to China and the UK, Japan, and USA. As the technical assistant to the Vice President of Intel Research and Future Technologies Research, Esther coarchitected the Essential Computing Intel Technology Journal.

As Director of Innovation for Intel Semiconductor Dalian, China, she was responsible for building an innovation culture with measurable business value and inspired over 10 Maker teams to go from idea to prototype in months, while personally leading one for machine learning for predictive maintenance.

Esther designed a workshop to help companies identify use cases for artificial intelligence that will deliver value to their business and “how to get started”.

She is also an Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce on the National Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship since 2016, and has completed service on the National Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE 3.0) to two United States Secretaries of Commerce and was the Economic Advisory for the Jieyang, Guangdong government.

Esther is a former member of the Executive Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce NE China, a guest lecturer for Innovation Science to leading Chinese Universities, and she coauthored the book Managing IT Innovation for Business Value. In late 2019, her next books, Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals and Managing Innovation in the Digital World are coming out from De|G Press.

The first book sets the reader on the path to establishing a data analytics strategy which includes artificial intelligence with a common language and capabilities with usages in enterprise infrastructure. The second book provides a multitude of techniques and methods that improve the likelihood of successful innovation through the launch of new innovative products, services, processes, financial models and customer experiences or innovations to existing systems, processes, technologies or products.

Esther earned her Master’s Degree in International Management (International MBA) with Mandarin, from The Thunderbird School of Global Management (AGSIM) in 1997. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a double major in Design Engineering Technology from College of Engineering, and Design from College of Fine Arts and Communications, Brigham Young University in 1985.

While graduating, she was a Teaching Assistant for Kinematics, Machine Design, and Dancing.

Before she joined Intel Corporation in 1987, she started her career as Software Development Engineer at TekSoft Corp, where she worked on CAD/CAM engineering software development, technical training and documentation for aerospace and automotive industries for two years.

Esther is an active and engaged Eisenhower Fellow, and was selected through a competitive process to be the first USA Fellow to the Irish region.

Esther enjoys learning about different cultures and languages, reading research, and traveling with her friends and family.

Watch Esther at Misk Global Forum 2017.

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