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Elias Arjan

Elias Arjan is Professional Speaker, Event and Media Producer, Philanthropist, Researcher on Longevity, Healthspan, and Biotechnology, and the CEO and Founder of Healthspan Productions and Executive Producer at BioscienceLA.

Elias has been featured in international publications, live events, and on dozens of podcasts for his work in health, wellness, longevity, biometric science, and behavioral change. His expertise in wearable technology, sales, and communication has made him a sought-after consultant and advisor to leading health and wellness brands.

Elias recently launched PRUVN, a company that conducts scientific research to validate the claims of top wellness brands. They are making Evidence Based Wellness accessible to any company, regardless of size or scale.

While studying human kinetics in college, Elias became a personal trainer and endurance athlete. Thus began a lifelong obsession to understand the relationship between human health, performance and behavior. As a serial entrepreneur, Elias has started his own businesses and been a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, startups and nonprofits.

His Healthspan Productions is a global initiative to build an ecosystem for longevity, well-being tech founders, and innovators to make 100 healthy years an accessible goal for every human on earth.

They are focused on new science and breakthroughs to transform our body, heart, and mind and are committed to co-developing and funding new ideas, fostering partnerships, and educating the public through various initiatives.

This company produces two signature events — The HEAL Forum and The Healthspan Summit. Elias is the Founder and the Host of the Summit, a boutique evidence-based longevity conference designed to maximize the connection between the speakers, attendees, and brands.

He is also the co-creator of The H.E.A.L. Forums, a transformative, in-person, exclusive mastermind retreat and think tank for less than 50 people.

His notable past projects:

  • Wrote the first chapter on wearable technology for a significant fitness certification: The International Sports Science. Association’s (ISSA) Exercise Recovery Certification
  • Was the first executive hired by the founders of Biostrap. Went on to build out the operations, support, sales, and marketing teams.
  • Produced and conducted the first fleet-wide video training for all Princess Cruises onboard revenue managers and achieved a 95%+ positive rating from all stakeholders.

As the Executive Producer at BioscienceLA, Elias is working directly with the CEO. The company is the premier innovation catalyst for life sciences and is dedicated, with their BioscienceLA TV, to telling the story of the developing life science and health tech industry in the greater Los Angeles region. Watch and Follow their YouTube Channel Coverage. Watch CRADL™ by Charles River.

Previously, since 2012 and until 2023, Elias was the Founder and CEO of Business Brain Consulting, a premium boutique firm that serves clients in the health, wellness, and fitness domains. His core services were Strategic Business Development, Employee Recruitment and Training, and Sales Training and Pitching with neuroscience of sales and video pitching.

In 2019, Elias with his Business Brain, became the Certified Partner at The Predictive Index with hiring, inspiring, and optimizing talent with science. Predictive Index is the world’s leading talent optimization platform. They help businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well-suited and aligned to their business strategy.

Elias’ first career was in the fitness industry as a Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Consultant, and Yoga Teacher at various fitness centers around Vancouver and Victoria B.C. In 1997, he Founded Trickster Productions and worked as Headline Entertainer at festivals, special events, and cruise ships all over the world. In 2001, he joined Royal Caribbean International as an Entertainer on the “Explorer of the Seas”.

In 2002, Elias became the Principal Auctioneer at Park West Gallery and traveled extensively, conducting high-value auctions for more than five years.

For the next couple of years, Elias juggled between entertainment and consulting, as these two are intertwined with how a person performs, entertains, or sells.

In 2008, he went back to entertainment and founded All Star Circus where he operated an agency booking performing artists for live events. He continued with his consulting by founding Inovizion Consulting and did sales training and business coaching. In 2013, he became an Event Producer and Video Director at Strut Media Group. Watch Get Your Video Headshot at Strut Studios.

Going back to Cruise Ships and combining his experience with Auctioneering, he became the Art Director and Auctioneer Sales Trainer for Park West Gallery on Princess Cruises vessels for more than two years when in 2017, he became an Independent Consultant and Trainer for the Princess Cruises.

Throughout his career, Elias remained dedicated to inspiring healthy living through his workplace wellness programs. In 2019, he became the Senior Vice President at Biostrap, a company working to empower users, clinicians, fitness professionals and doctors with clinical grade biometric data to improve human health. He worked directly with the CEO to build out the brand and was responsible for all aspects of the business with a focus on managing the communication, sales, service, ops and marketing teams.

Elias is also the organizer of Biohackers Los Angeles and volunteers as a benefit auctioneer and with youth organizations. He is also an actor in B.C.’s Film and Television Industry and a proud member of the UBCP (Union of BC Performers). Watch Elias Arjan Testimonials from Project Somos Founders and Elias Arjan — Top Benefit Auctioneer.

As a thought-leader in the field, Elias has presented at various conferences and participated in panels across medical technology and health optimization, such as the VitalityX Event, Transformative Technology Conference, the Interrupt MedTech Summit LA 2019, and the UFC Performance Institute. Elias is also an invited speaker at the Precision Medicine World Conference 2024.

Elias earned his Associate’s Degree in Human Kinetics and his Business Management and Ownership Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies, both from Langara College.

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