Advisory Board

Early Boykins III

Early Boykins III is Cofounder and CEO at Rouge Reel, Chairman at Coins4.Cat Foundation, and Lifetime Member at Bitcoin Foundation.
Rouge Reel allows viewers to bid for the chance to have a one on one or group session with their favorite Celebrity Beauty Mavens. They also provide a user friendly way to purchase beauty and cosmetic products that are showcased in their videos.
Coins4.Cat Foundation helps feral & community cats in need, by providing them with care, food, and water. They assist in the protection and humane treatment of cats. Coins4.Cat is the first animal welfare organization to only accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as donations.
Early was previously Managing Partner at Aladdin Investments LLC, working with institutional Real Estate investors, developers, and banks.
Early studied Social Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship at California State University-Fresno.
Read his AngelList profile and his LinkedIn profile.