Advisory Board

Devin Fidler, MBA

Devin Fidler, MBA is the Founder of Rethinkery, a research and consulting center focused on developing and using group intelligence to explore the emerging issues and technologies that are changing the way we get things done. He has worked with senior leaders at dozens of large organizations to chart shifts and to leverage their potential.
Prior to founding Rethinkery, Devin worked with a number of other foresight organizations exploring the future of work, learning and organizations. He brings a global perspective to all his projects, having lived and worked in several countries throughout his career. Devin has built his career around the argument that organizations today are a technology on the verge of disruption.
Devin graduated Singularity University in 2009, earned his MBA in International Business & Finance at Corvinus Business School in 2004, and earned his BA in History at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2002.
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