Advisory Board

David J. Weiss

David J. Weiss is Vice President of Sales and Engineering of Eck Industries, Inc., Manitowoc, WI, USA.
David has been involved in the metal casting industry since 1973 when he started as a molder while attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering part-time. He has had a patent issued for a hybrid plaster mold/squeeze casting process and has deployed many casting technologies related to metal matrix composites and magnesium casting.
David is past chairman of both the aluminum and magnesium divisions of American Foundry Society (AFS) and is current research chair of the magnesium division.
His publications and presentations include: “Magnesium Casting Process Development: Designing an Engine Cradle for Magnesium”, “Innovative Methods for Heat Treating Aluminum”, “The Effect of Chill and Riser Placement on Mechanical Properties”, “Developments in Lost Foam Casting of Magnesium”, “The Effect of Revert Percentage on Melt Quality of MMCs”, and “The Effect of Six Quench Variables on Residual Stress”. He is presenting “Creating Materials for the Starship” at the DARPA/NASA 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium.
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