Advisory Board

Dr. David A. Nordfors

David A. Nordfors, Ph.D. is Founding Executive Director of the VINNOVA Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism at Stanford University and Senior Research Scholar at H-STAR, the Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute at Stanford. He has coined the concepts of Innovation Journalism and Attention Work.
David is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Media. He founded the Swedish Innovation Journalism Fellowship Program, and is Special Advisor to the Director General at VINNOVA, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems.
He was the initial Director of Research Funding of the Knowledge Foundation, KK-stiftelsen, one of the largest Swedish research foundations. He was the initial Science Editor of Datateknik, the largest Swedish magazine for IT professionals. He was the founding publisher and editor of “IT och Lärande” (IT and Learning), the largest Swedish newsletter for educators.
David initiated and headed the first hearing about the Internet to be held by the Swedish Parliament.
He authored The Role of Journalism in Innovation Systems, The Swedish Innovation Journalism Initiative and Fellowship Program, Why We Need Innovation Journalism, and Where It May Have a Market, and PR and the Innovation Communication System, coauthored Report: Infopac—Researchers Learn Research Dissemination by Doing, Introducing an Innovation Journalism Index, Media Communication as a Marketing Strategy for Technology Start-Up Firms, and Introducing a Country to Internet-Enabled Expert Networks, and coedited Commercialization of Academic Research Results. He holds patent Connecting Bluetooth Devices to Each Other.
David earned his B.Sc. in applied nuclear physics from the Uppsala University in 1984. He earned his Ph.D. in molecular quantum physics from the Uppsala University in 1990, where he was recruited as a Ph.D. student by Professor Kai Siegbahn (Nobel Prize in Physics 1982). He was a post-doctoral researcher in theoretical chemistry at the University of Heidelberg on a grant from the Swedish Natural Research Council NFR. After his postdoc he defected from the research lab to the newsroom, pursuing his passionate interest in how public communication of ideas across many different groups of stakeholders drives innovation in society.
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