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Dr. Danila Medvedev

Danila Medvedev, Ph.D. is a leading Russian Applied Futurologist and Politician. He is Cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the cryonics company KrioRus. He specializes in the science and future of Russia and serves as a member of the coordination council of the Russian Transhumanist Movement.

For more than 10 years, he helped make the ideas of physical immortality, transhumanism, cryonics, cyborgization, and intelligence enhancement known and acceptable in Russia. Thanks to him, even Patriarch Kirill now understands what transhumanism is.

His significant achievements include the creation of a new faculty at the Physics and Technology Institute (NBIK) and the cryopreservation of the deputy director of one of the main Moscow museums.

Danila’s goal is to be involved in building up a global governance system with a transhumanist agenda and make immortality available to all humans through head transplantation, life support systems, and cryonics.

He plans to create a digital platform (NeyroKod) for designing, planning, and managing complex and hypercomplex projects over 30–50 years for organizations, countries, and humanity, to develop and deploy tools for individual and collective intelligence augmentation (Augmentek), and to create a user-friendly VR platform (NanoLabVr) for designing molecular machines to accelerate the unfinished nanotechnology revolution. Watch How to Freeze Your Body on the Cheap (and Maybe Cheat Death) and Molecular nanotechnology history, Eric Drexler’s work, NanoLab VR.

Meanwhile, he is interested in futurology consulting, futurism, and transhumanism writing and selected high-impact high-tech projects.

In 2003, Danila published his writing Are We Living In Nick Bostrom’s Speculation? where he analyzes serious mathematical and logical errors in the Simulation Argument. Also in 2003, he published his writing The decisive role of science in the development of philosophical ideas in the 21st century and the first Russian translation of Robert Ettinger’s The Prospect of Immortality.

In May 2005, he helped found KrioRus, the first cryonics company outside of the United States. He is Director, Cofounder, and is responsible for the long-term strategy, including preparing the company for venture financing, improving planning, and making miracles happen. Read Russian brain freezer seeks eternal life.

On 21 March 2007, he was one of a group of transhumanists who gave a presentation in the Duma titled “Influence of science on the political situation in Russia. A view into the future”, after an invitation by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

Between 2008 and 2009, he worked as Chief Planning Officer and Vice-President of the Science for Life Extension Foundation, based in Moscow.

In 2011 and for the next two years, he was the author and host of the Program for the Future on the Science 2.0 TV channel, where, with the help of experts and a team of animators, he presented our medium-term future. Follow his Blog of the Program and watch Program for the Future at Smotrim (VPN).

Danila earned his Ph.D. in Finance in 2002 from Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (Engecon, now known as Unecon). He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Business from the International Management Institute of St. Petersburg (IMISP) in 2000. The title of his master’s thesis was Methods of the account of conditions of financing at an estimation of investment projects.

Danila began his career as Financial Analyst in 2000 at Trigon Capital. In 2003, he became an Analyst at Investorium where he advised Finnish company Paroc on entering the Russian market.

His investment banking work has led him to investigate immortality. Soon he realized the importance of immortalism and transhumanism and quit his job, dedicating himself full-time to transhumanist activism in Russia. At that time a search for “transhumanism” in Russian produced just 3 results, all irrelevant. He started by translating the Transhumanism FAQ into Russian in 2002 and posting it online and soon after, he translated The Prospect of Immortality.

In 2004, he was briefly a Lecturer at Engecon, where he taught students financial management at a top-quality level, fighting against the prevalence of cheating in Russian higher education. In the same year, he cofounded the Russian Transhumanist Movement where he has been Member of the Coordinating Council ever since.

Between 2005 and 2010, Danila was the Head of the Russian chapter at Humanity+. He developed the strategy to grow the Russian Transhumanist Movement into a recognized powerful NGO while remaining independent, was responsible for the media and communication strategy that made immortality an accepted topic in Russian society, and mostly he concentrated on innovative future-tech projects that the RTM carried out. The work on those projects is now starting to produce spectacular results.

In 2012, Danila Cofounded two companies. First, the Style 2030, where he developed the original idea of an internet store of products from the future and collaborated to launch and grow this startup, and second was the NeyroKod, a system that builds around how people think and work, rather than how to print or present the results of thinking. They work to teach the machine to help its user, not the other way around. NeyroKod is a new software platform for working with complexity to help deal with global problems fulfilling the vision of Douglas Engelbart.

NeyroKod is also an implementation of the new Language 2.0 with inherent support for systems thinking. Human intelligence is based on structures — from mental models to language (symbolic structures) and later computer-based structures. Traditional languages are linear, evolving from basic speech to logograms to the alphabet and then 99% of the languages. Sci-fi (“Arrival”) speculates about the power of non-linear languages, but real examples are almost non-existent.

Danila argues that such language can end the Babylonian pandemonium by creating a foundation for a transdisciplinary project to describe the world system and the present meta-crisis and develop effective solutions that take into account their complexity. Read Language 2.0.

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Visit his LinkedIn profile, exoSpeakers profile, his personal Homepage, his Wikipedia page, and his Transhumanism page. Follow him on his Living Tomorrow Blog, Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Crunchbase, Instagram, Effective Altruism Forum, and Twitter.