Advisory Board

Dr. Cory D. Kidd

Cory D. Kidd, Ph.D. is Founder and CEO of Intuitive Automata.
Cory earned his Ph.D. in human-robot interaction from the MIT Media Lab and is a leading practitioner in the field. His extensive experience in human-robot interaction and developing novel technology for healthcare applications for the last 10 years is a key to Intuitive Automata’s success. He also earned his MS in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and his BS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Prior to coming to MIT, he was a Research Faculty member in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech after finishing a bachelors degree there. His research was in ubiquitous computing, where he worked on the Aware Home Research Initiative, a research project exploring applications in an intelligent home environment. Much of the work focused on finding ways to allow an elderly person to live in their own home longer rather than moving into an assisted living facility.
His papers include A Sociable Robot to Encourage Social Interaction among the Elderly, The Beware Home: A Contextually Aware Haunted House, Where to Look: A Study of Human-Robot Engagement, Designing a Sociable Robot System for Weight Maintenance, Sociable Robot Systems for Real-World Problems, Effects of Nonverbal Communication on Efficiency and Robustness in Human-Robot Teamwork, An Interactive Robot in a Nursing Home: Preliminary Remarks, Human-Robot Interaction Experiments: Lessons learned, Robots in Italy: Beyond da Vinci, Working collaboratively with humanoid robots, and Explorations in engagement for humans and robots. Read the full list of his publications!
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