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Christopher Frey, MSc

Christopher Frey, MSc is a German writer.
Christopher grew up in a political and international environment as his father worked for the US embassy. He received a music education at the school of music of the Regensburger Domspatzen. His early interest in the fine arts was also triggered by his family background of four generations of historians. His grandfather, a lawyer and undersecretary, published many works about music theory and the undiscovered works of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. He also published the translation of the poetry of Michelangelo which his great-grandfather Prof. Dr. Carl Frey once had started.
His first publications date back to the seventies. “Soon or Sooner” published in 1976, was a volume of poetry on three different life styles of people in the past, today and the future. A theatre piece “The death of Empedokles in the hardening shop” followed in 1978.
Christopher’s latest books contain a broad view upon commercial ethics and innovation. He is a change agent for a knowledge economy and Catallaxy. Books available in English are Inventing Future, an essay on Social Change and the essay Just too Lazy to Lie. Two short publications titled “Lottocracy” and “Financial Crisis” followed in 2009. In 2010 the novel “The Market is a Conversation” is probably the most fascinating oeuvre of his in recent years. His complete opus is documented in The German National Library. His most recent book is Merkel muss weg — Aber was dann: Parteiprogramm der MMW.
Christopher lives as author and business angel in Hamilton, Bermuda.
Christopher earned his MSc in Management / Computer Science in 1987.
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