Advisory Board

Christine Gaspar, R.N.

Christine Gaspar, R.N. is a registered nurse and the president of the Cryonics Society of Canada.
Her educational background is a diploma in nursing with an emphasis on emergency and trauma nursing. She has worked in a variety of hospitals in the Greater Los Angeles and the Greater Toronto area, where she currently resides. She has served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as a medical assistant in the infantry and artillery. Her current employment is with Sykes Assistance Services, where she provides tele-triage service for the provincial Telehealth programme.
Christine has participated in the Alcor Southern California standby team as well and is currently working towards developing greater standby capabilities for cryonics patients in the Toronto region. She advocates for cryonics in the press, and has published essays and articles on transhumanism and cryonics for Humanity+ magazine, KurzweilAI, and IEET.
She is also an entrepreneur who participates in a family-run specialty farming business and cares for her family at home. Her interests lie in developing cryonics in Canada, transhumanism, and subsistence farming.
Christine earned her diploma in Nursing at Georgian College in 1998.
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