Advisory Board

Dr. Christian Lebiere

Christian Lebiere, Ph.D. is Research Scientist, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. His main research interest is cognitive architectures and their applications to psychology, artificial intelligence, economics, decision theory, and human-computer interaction.
Christian’s main project is ACT-R. ACT-R is a cognitive architecture: a theory for simulating and understanding human cognition. Researchers working on ACT-R strive to understand how people organize knowledge and produce intelligent behavior. As the research continues, ACT-R evolves ever closer into a system which can perform the full range of human cognitive tasks: capturing in great detail the way we perceive, think about, and act on the world.
He coauthored The Atomic Components of Thought, An Integrated Theory of the Mind, Working Memory: Activation Limitations on Retrieval, An Integrated Theory of List Memory, ACT-R: a higher-level account of processing capacity, Achieving Efficient and Cognitively Plausible Learning in Backgammon, The Newell Test for a theory of cognition, Instance-based learning in dynamic decision making, The Tower of Hanoi and Goal Structures, The Visual Interface, and The Newell Test for a Theory of Mind. Read the full list of his publications!
Christian earned his B.S. in Computer Science (Summa cum Laude) from the Universite de Liege, Belgium in 1986. He earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1990. His major was Artificial Intelligence and his minor was Programming Systems. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science with the thesis The Dynamics of Cognition: An ACT-R Model of Cognitive Arithmetic from Carnegie Mellon University in 1998.