Advisory Board

Braulio Medina Dias

Braulio Medina Dias studied engineering, applied mathematics, and entrepreneurship in Brazil at PUC-RIO and in Germany at the Technical University of Darmstadt.
He has founded e-brane which is focused on the application of data and text mining to social media data to gather insights about brands and products. He aims to build a universal index about brands that takes into account some rather abstract concepts like social responsibility and customer care using automatic text processing.
An avid learner and cross-thinker, Braulio is always searching for ways to tackle real world problems using mathematical tools.
He is also starting a social project to find and train academic talents in poor communities in Brazil, thus reducing the power of narcotraffic and organized crime. Once we have all the intelligent people out of the crime scene, Brazil will be a much safer place, thinks Braulio.
He recently launched Brand-o-Meter, a tool to measure the collective opinion about brands, products, and people in real time.
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