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Bill DeSmedt, MA, MS

Bill DeSmedt, MA, MS is author of Singularity and Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton.
Singularity is recommended by our Greg Bear and David Brin. What if the cataclysmic Tunguska explosion of 1908 was caused, not by a meteor or a comet, but by a microscopic black hole? What if that fantastic object — tinier than an atom, older than the stars, heavier than a mountain — is still down there, orbiting deep inside the earth, slowly consuming the planet? What if only a rookie government agent and an uncannily-insightful consultant stand between a renegade Russian billionaire and his plans to use the black hole to change history — or end it? Learn more about this technothriller!
Bill is a computational linguist/knowledge engineer/technothriller author. He is a builder of taxonomies and knowledge representation systems (KRS) for Intelligent Conversational Agents. He is a consultant to startups and Fortune 100 corporations in speech-recognition, telecommunications, and natural language understanding (NLU). He is a software architect/designer (CASE, OOA&D) and hands-on coder (C/C++, Pascal). He is a published author of technical and popular works on NLU and CASE and a novelist. His specialties include second-language learning, ontology, and knowledge-base design for intel and military domains.
Bill earned his MA in Russian Area Studies at Harvard University in 1974 and his MS in Computer Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1981.
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