Advisory Board

Benjamin J. Butler, M.A.

Benjamin J. Butler, M.A. is a Futurist, Writer, Speaker, and Exponential Coach, passionate about coaching leaders, and changemakers. He is the Founder of Quantum Futures, sits on the Global Future Council on Computing at the World Economic Forum, and is a member of the faculty of Futur/io, the European Institute of Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures.

He was keynote speaker and a member of the UN’s new initiative for 2030–2050 futures called Resilience Frontiers.

Benjamin is a trusted sounding board and advisor for leaders with the ambition to have an exponential impact on the future of humanity. He leverages a unique array of international experiences and roles including fund manager, stockbroker, venture capitalist (with some successful exits), innovation consultant, and entrepreneur. Combined with a deep interest in philosophy, zen meditation, and the human development journey, Benjamin supports leaders to navigate and cross thresholds in perspective in this time of global turbulence and uncertainty.

Benjamin is a regular keynote speaker at international finance and technology conferences. He gives talks about the need for an exponential mindset, the human journey, and how to approach the future.

“We are at an important evolutionary turning point in the history of our species. More than just a technological Singularity, we need a shift in perspective, and we need to harness the power of the human imagination. I help leaders and changemakers make that shift” — Benjamin J Butler

His pursuit of the exponential mindset and enlightened leadership has included traveling around the world meeting visionaries, entrepreneurs, creatives, martial artists, Zen Masters, and Himalayan Oracles. He believes that the harnessing of collective intelligence will result in a new form of Enlightenment.

Previously he worked in international investment looking at trends and patterns in the world economy and human affairs, working at various investment banks, hedge funds, and also writing the International Column at Dow Theory Letters with Wall Street legend Richard Russell who started it in 1958.

Among others, Benjamin worked for Nomura Securities for 5 years as the Senior Executive. He was Executive Director at UBS and Managing Partner at Mind Fund. In 2011, he became strategist and advisor for the CIO of a global Macro Hedge Fund and his personal Family Office on the deployment of capital globally from currencies and private equity to stocks.

Benjamin earned his Master’s Degree in Arts in 2016 in Holistic Science from Schumacher College with his Dissertation on new approaches to future thinking: quantum theory and futurism. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in 1999 in Japanese and Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, at the University of London. He also attended King’s College London, Columbia Business School at Columbia University, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Benjamin has lived in Asia for 20 years, speaks Japanese, and is a student of Chinese philosophy. He is based out of Hong Kong and has worked extensively in Asia.

Visit his LinkedIn profile and his personal homepage. Follow him on Facebook, Deskgram, and Twitter.