Advisory Board

Ben Scarlato

Ben Scarlato is Director of Outreach at the Brain Preservation Foundation.
BPF has launched the Brain Preservation Technology Prize, to promote exploration of brain preservation technology in service of humanity. The Prize, presently $106,000, will be awarded in two parts. Part 1, 25% of the Prize purse, will be awarded to the first international team to successfully preserve, with complete preservation of synaptic structure, a whole mouse brain, via any technology. Part 2, 75% of the Prize purse, will go to the first team to successfully preserve a whole large animal brain in a manner that could also be adopted for humans in a hospital or hospice setting immediately upon clinical death. Preservation quality will be validated by careful EM imaging of samples taken from the entire preserved brain.
Ben is a fourth year Computer Science student at Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently looking for co-op and intern opportunities.
His areas of interest within computer science include artificial intelligence and security.
Ben authored Deadlock: Thousand-Year Relationships, Advance Directives and Transhumanism, Caprica: Artificial Heavens, Why We Need to Cheat Darwin, The Policy Implications of Happiness Research, True Blood & the Darker Side of Enhancement, True Blood Season 3 and Morphological Freedom, Nip/Tuck: Ethics and Beauty, Caprica, Gamer, & Surrogates: Overlooked Benefits of Virtual Worlds, Terminator: Salvation and the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Someone to Watch Over Me, and No Exit. Read the full list of his publications!
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