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Dr. Antonella Chadha Santuccione

Antonella Chadha Santuccione, Ph.D. is a medical doctor, pathologist, and neuroscientist with a wealth of expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and mental disorders. She is the Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Lead Officer, and cofounder at Women’s Brain Project. She is also International Medical Manager for Alzheimer’s Disease at Roche Diagnostics Europe, Switzerland.

Until June 2018, she worked at the Swiss Regulatory Agency Swissmedic as a clinical reviewer in the field of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Before she took her current role at Roche, she was a Medical Manager for Psychiatry, where she drove market launches for new psychiatric products, including a large scale collaboration with therapeutic area experts.

Previously, she worked as Medical Doctor, Group Leader, Clinical Pathologist, and Neuroscientist at University of Zurich for more than six years. She started there as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Residency in Pathology, Neuropathology, and Neuroscience. She was also Postdoctoral Fellow and Resident at the University of Hamburg (2001–2004), Germany.

Antonella was trained at the General Directorate for Health and Food Safety at the European Commission, where she did her Internship.

She earned her Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatric, Mental Health, and Neuroscience from the University of Zurich (1991–2006).

Antonella joined the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic in Bern as Expert Clinical Reviewer for brain diseases in 2014. She worked for several years in a specialized ward for patients living with dementia. She is an editor for the scientific journal Science Matters and author of several scientific publications. Her current scientific interest is about the influence of sex and gender factors on mental disorders and how to take them into account when designing diagnostic and treatment solutions.

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Antonella is coauthor of Magnetic Resonance imaging in studying schizophrenia, negative symptoms, and the glutamate system.

Visit her LinkedIn profile. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Visit her webpage, Women’s Brain Project. For her publications, visit her Semantic Scholar profile, ORCiD profile, and her PubFacts profile.