Advisory Board

Anthony Conrad, MBA

Anthony Conrad, MBA is International Sales Representative at PayU LATAM, English Instructor & Assessor at Myngle, and Cofounder at The Economic Genesis Project.
The Economic Genesis Project promotes urban farming.
Urban farming is slowly becoming the best means for small groups to provide sustainable, fresh, and healthy food sources for their communities. More and more the access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables is difficult to have, and even more so in many urban areas, it is impossible to find these in walking distance.
Their goal is to provide a sustainable model to design urban farming solutions to not only allow easy access to the food sources and thus prevent Food Deserts from forming, but also provide an alternative source of employment for both adults and teens. This will create a boon to the community economically and also a safe place for kids to socialize and work together, rather than become caught up in criminal activity. This overall will provide an improvement to the surrounding community, and will be designed as a worker-managed organization where participants after a period of time and performance can advance as they progress in their career with this bottom-up organization.
Anthony is currently working in Bogotá, Colombia focusing on the Latin American market (Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, and Brazil), and managing major international accounts reaching C-level executives across the world.
Anthony earned his BBA in Business Administration at Campbell University, USA in 2008. Campbell University He earned his MBA in Business Administration, Management, and Operations at Campbell University in 2008.
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