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Dr. Andres Agostini

Professor Doctor Andres Agostini, EdD., JD., MD., PhD., DSc. is the Lifeboat Foundation Global Chief Consulting Officer and Partner, Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador and the Global Ambassador, Translator, and Interpreter of The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen — and What to Do. Learn about his books on Amazon at AND AND

Dr. Andres Agostini was, over 17 years, thoroughly and unambiguously mentored by a NASA scientist, Dr. Vernon L. Grose , that is to say, NASA’s utterly right hand to Dr. Wernher von Braun , on top-notch, yet state-of-the-art (Systems-Based) “Enterprise Risk Management” through a formidable Systems-Based and Non-Theological Omniscience-Centric Approach, in order to bring critically challenged Operations under fundamental control, re-assuring maximum levels of OPERATIONALLY RELIABILITY at all times in real time. Note the respective ensuing Pictorial at AND, as well as the key Image at Additionally, and changing the subject matter, Dr. Agostini, too, has a Scenario-Planning meeting with Royal Dutch Shell (Oil, Gas & Energy) CEO & Chairman at
Premium-class Turnkey Risk-Management Professional Services include Toyota Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Shell, AT&T, ExxonMobil, GTE, TNT Delivery Express and to the World Bank and World Health Organization! Examples of the management and business problems solved for these multinational organizations can be seen here. Dr. Agostini thoroughly and unambigously underlines the following by Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin, as literally follows: << *Gradatim Ferociter* is the motto of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. It means step by step, ferociously. According to Bezos, “If you’re building a flying vehicle, you can’t cut any corners. >> Nonetheless, to further underpin that indisputable objective, he incorporates – concerning his critical thinking, problem solving and beyond – completely, thoroughly unambiguously, the ensuing: << Furiously able to deal with complexity, ambivalence and ambiguity, swiftly! >>
Andres is a published author of The White Swan’s Beyond Eureka and Sputnik Moments.: How To Fundamentally Cope With Corporate Litmus Tests and Succeed Through Transformative and Integrative Risk Management, Serendipity Versus Pseudoserendipity, Concurrent Coordinated Convergent Systems Thinking (CCCST): Articulated under Intelligence Augmentation and Amplification (IAA), and his own Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language of Terms in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
He is the CEO of the Future Observatory and of CORS, Professional Risk Management Services. And the author of the Futuretronium Book and Initiative. Andres is the author of The Future of Scientific Management, Today!, The Future of Space-Age Risk Management: Transformative and Integrative Risk Management!, Futureketing: How to Systematically Understand and Succeed in a World of Frantically Accelerating Pace of Change!, The Future of Skunkworks Management, Now!, The Omniscient Truth About Outer-Space Intelligent Life ….!, Beyond and Above Dr. Strangelove and Royal Dutch Shell….!, Information Technology Vis-à-vis Technology Per Se! Is all “…Technology…” and “…Information Technology…”?, Agostini Success Tenets!, and Preter-Natural Leadership In Century 21!

He is the CEO of Becoming Aware of the Futures, Future Awareness, Futuring, Singularity Network of Technologists, Strong Quantum Supercomputing, Outer-Space Intelligence, and Scientific Aging Transcendence.

With over 36 years of most-instrumental and all-encompassing practical experience with most-gargantuan Corporations, Andres operates as (i) Entrepreneurial Success Consultant, (ii) Transformative and Integrative Risk Management Adviser, (iii) Professional Scientific Futuring, Futures Studies, Foresight Research, Scenario Planning and other Scientific-Futuring methodologies, and (iv) Senior Consultant in practical and theoretical matters of thoroughly advanced Strategic Management. (v) Andres give state-of-the-art practical and yet pracmatical fundamental solutions — around the globe — using advanced math, physics and engineering underpinned with NASA/DARPA-based tools of “Systems Thinking”. TO THIS END, Andres was mentored on systems-centric operational reliability (advanced industrial safety and state-of-the-art Operational Reliability) by NASA’s Dr. Wehrener Von Braun’s ( Dr. Vernon L. Grose ( Dr. Grose is Andres’ direct supervisor at Omega Systems Group Incorporated (, acting as OSGI’s [worldwide] Global Business Executive Associate.
Andres institutes such turnkey solutions in the tradition of non-partisan think tanks, in order to enhance the decision-making process and with the utter purpose of solving complex corporate, managerial, organizational, business and technical problems.

Andres is prolifically concentrated on many man-made and otherwise-induced risks, including existential risks. For man-made existential risks unrelated to the geometric progression of science and technology, Andres writes and speaks about the “…Disruptional Singularity…,” hoping that a responsible and positive Technological Singularity takes precedence.

Andres implements his fundamental, thorough and complete solutions regarding the framework, context and theater of operations for think tanks, multilaterals, supranationals, NGOs, as well as to for-profit enterprises and governmental institutions, whose core business is into: oil-and-energy, telecommunications, maritime, health-care, insurance, automotive, employee benefits, logistics, transport, consultancy and government.

Andres’ proprietary methodology treatise is White Swan Transformative and Integrative Risk Management (, a beyond-insurance enterprise risk management methodology developed by him. AND an on-topic update here. (
He observes that his own approach ascertains, at all times, the practical application of womb-to-tomb actionable systems thinking and pragmatic execution with the applied omniscience perspective — via most pragmatic mechanical engineering — as it is understood, conceived and instituted by NASA, DARPA and the Industrial-Military Complex.

Other organizations that institute beyond-insurance methodologies include: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), IBM and Manitoba Government Air Services.

He advises world-class institutions on dynamic driving forces (and how to beforehand cope with them and their counter-forces successfully and sustainably) in innovation, computing, financial services, health care, population (and demography), life sciences, energy, security, workforce, climate change, globalization. and exponential technologies.

He is deeply and publicly proactive with and through many publications and prestigious forums, into the pervasive advancement of rampant science and technologies, thus disseminating differentiated state-of-the-art and hi-tech ideas worldwide.
The subject matter of the participating Forums in which Andres is a Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board Member comprises: Business Board, Complex Systems Board, Diplomacy Board, Economics Board, Education Board, Ethics Board, Finance Board, Futurists Board, Human-Nonhuman Relationship Board, Philosophy Board, Scientific Freedom Board, Space Settlement Board, Supercomputing Board, and Sustainability Board.

Andres is proactively involved with Turnkey Consulting, Advising, Counseling, Strategizing and Researching on:

  • Corporate Success
  • Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Technology Foresight and Warning Analysis and Strategic Coping
  • Scientific Futuring
  • Scenario and Simulation Methods
  • Anticipating Strategic Surprise
  • Black Swans, Gray Swans, and White Swans
  • Strategic Anticipation Forecasting Techniques
  • Strategic Execution
  • Innovation
  • Fundamental: Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Action Taking
Andres is an Inventor, Methodology Conceiver and Developer and Owner, Visionary Technologist, Risk Manager, Professional Futurologist, Management Consultant, Business Adviser, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Deep Thinker, Keynote Speaker, Scientific-Futuring and Organizational Strategist, Scenario-Method Practitioner (Scenarist), CEO and C-Level Coach, Ambassador, Executive Trainer and Lecturer, Concurrent-Convergent-Systems-Thinking Savant (Innovist), Published Author, Technical and Creative Writer, Lexicographer, Multilingual, Translator, Interpreter, and Transliterator.
Andres’ institutional global clients include worldwide:
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi
  • World Bank
  • Shell
  • Statoil
  • Total
  • Exxon
  • Mobil
  • PDVSA, Citgo
  • GE
  • GMAC
  • TNT Express
  • AT&T
  • GTE
  • Amoco
  • BP
  • Abbot Laboratories
  • World Health Organization
  • Ernst Young Consulting
  • SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation)
  • Pak Mail
  • Wilpro Energy Services
  • Phillips Petroleum Company
  • Dupont
  • Conoco
  • ENI (Italy’s petroleum state-owned firm)
  • Chevron
  • LDG Management (HCC Benefits)
  • Liberty Mutual (via its own Seguros Caracas)
  • Lafarge
  • MAPFRE (via its own Seguros La Seguridad)
  • AES Corporation (via its own Electricidad de Caracas)
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