Advisory Board

André Caminoa

André Caminoa is an architect based in Argentina, living in Buenos Aires, where he developed his main professional activity.
He graduated in architecture and urbanism from the University of Buenos Aires in 2002. He has complemented his academic background with different post-graduate programs and courses related to communication, project management, and quality assurance.
Currently he is finishing a Master’s program in Advanced Architectural Design at the University of Buenos Aires, with a thesis dissertation focused on 3D printed modular habitats. He is an effective communicator focused on results. In his blog urbi et urbi, he writes about the synergy between art, science, and technology.
He is a creative and strategic thinker. Recently, he cofounded UNISPACE, which is an advanced design organization geared to space architecture, experimental architecture, and strategic advanced research in future concepts design.
He has been working in the Architectural and Construction Industry for more than 10 years, specializing in Strategic Direction, Design Management, Project Management, and Construction Management with a multidisciplinary vision for diverse multi-scale projects, managing highly complex projects while providing to his clients Design Management and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services, with a solid knowledge of Project Management and Quality Standards.
For further information please read his LinkedIn profile.