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Aline Decadi, MSc

Aline Decadi, MSc is Dependability and Safety Engineer at the European Space Agency and HE Space Operations BV.

Aline is working on the next European launch system, Ariane 6 at the ESA, contributing to the design and the systems architecture in accordance with the Dependability and Safety requirements. She is the focal point with respect to Safety Authorities at Kourou, in the French Guiana Space Center, a European Space Agency spaceport. She has been with ESA since 2012.

In regards to HE Space Operations, Aline is part of Development of Safety expertise in Human Spaceflight. She is developing expertise and technical competence on safety for human spaceflight activities on the International Space Station (ISS) and beyond.

Prior to ESA, Aline was with MDA in the Space Mission Department as Spacecraft Systems Engineer and R&D Project Manager for 2 years. She worked with project teams to undertake development, fabrication, qualification, and in-orbit commissioning of the spacecraft.

Aline launched her career as Project Management Officer on the A380 Airbus on behalf of Airbus France in Toulouse between 2005 and 2007. She coordinated the activities to reach the Type Certificate of the overall A380 Electrical sub-systems. In 2007, she continued as Manager for AOCS Sub-System development at Thales Alenia Space, responsible for the industrial design, qualification, and procurement of Earth & Sun Sensors in the frame of Telecommunications, Earth Observation satellites, and constellations.

Three years later, Aline joined ECT Industries as Project Manager for the GPS/IRS Converter and Navigation System Display (NSD) Program and after 7 months she joined MDA in September 2010.

Aline attended Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile, where she earned her Master of Science degree in Automation and Aerospace in 2004. At the same time, between 2003 and 2004, she attended Polytechnique Montreal, where she concluded the final year of Engineering School.

Aline also shares her passion for Space within the young professional communities by Organizing Events and Speaking around Europe with the Space Generation Advisory Council. Since 2017, she has been organizing conferences, simulations in Europe, and supporting student projects on future technology for Mars exploration and settlement as Executive Secretary and Communications Officer with the Association Planete Mars, the French Chapter of Mars Society.

Since 2015, she has been a Volunteer Engineer and Field Crew Member at the Mars Analog Simulation. She works on the mission architecture, preparation of the experiments, and associated procedures to be executed on the field. She is also Spacesuit Technician.

Aline has not been to Space (yet) but she got her weightless experience as ZERO-G Flyer during two parabolic flights on the Boeing 727 with Zero Gravity Corporation.

Watch Aline talk at the future Analog Astronaut Class 2019 at the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF). Watch Aline talking with on-site medical officer Dr. Bonnie Posselt for AMADEE-18, the 2018 Oman Mars Analog Mission. Watch Aline’s presentation of AMADEE-18 Mars Analog Simulation at 21st Annual International Mars Society Convention.

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Visit her LinkedIn profile and her ResearchGate profile. Follow her on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.