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Professor Alexei V. Samsonovich

Alexei V. Samsonovich, Ph.D. is Research Assistant Professor, Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study, George Mason University at Fairfax, Virginia.
His current research projects are:

  • Semantic cognitive mapping of natural language (with G.A. Ascoli, T.T. Sheehan and C.P. Sherrill)
  • GMU BICA: an integrated self-aware cognitive architecture (with K.A. De Jong, G.A. Ascoli, M.A. Coletti, R. Lakatos, D. Sharma, T. Bhimdi)
  • Cognitive constructor: An intelligent tutoring system based on a biologically inspired cognitive architecture (with K.A. De Jong, A. Kitsantas, M.L. Kalbfleisch, N.Dabbagh, E.E. Peters, and L. Schrum)
  • Toward the Decade of the Mind: a scientific perspective on the hard problem of consciousness and its quantification (with H. Morowitz, K.A. De Jong, G.A. Ascoli, and M.L. Kalbfleisch)
  • Statistical algorithmic description of neuronal morphology: hippocampal principal cell dendrites and axons (with G.A. Ascoli)
  • Spontaneous compactification of the spatial map in a continuous attractor neural network model: a possible mechanism of the emergence of grid cells in rodent medial entorhinal cortex
  • Theoretical capacity and practical applications of continuous-attractor neural networks storing multiple multi-dimensional cognitive maps
Alexei has been cited over 430 times. Alexei authored Universal Learner as an Embryo of Computational Consciousness, and coauthored A Scientific Perspective on the Hard Problem of Consciousness, Cognitive Constructor: An Intelligent Tutoring System Based on a Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture (BICA), Four Contemporary AGI Designs: a Comparative Treatment, Cognitive Map Dimensions of the Human Value System Extracted from Natural Language, For Goal Scoring, the Right Place and the Right Time are Matters of Context, Pricing the “Free Lunch” of Meta-Evolution, and Designing A Self-Aware Neuromorphic Hybrid. Read his full list of publications!
Alexei earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona in 1997 with the thesis Attractor map theory of the hippocampal representation of space.
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