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Professor Adolfo Castilla

Adolfo Castilla, Ph.D., MBA is the Executive Director at Innovation Wars and Professor of Strategic Management at the CEPADE – the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Professor of Applied Economics at the Nebrija University.

At Innovation Wars, Adolfo helps companies face and solve their complex challenges, with the help of Collective Artificial Intelligence – I.A.C. (Inteligencia Artificial Colectiva). Their platform is called CiBUC.

They have the first I.A.C. Technology Platform in the market, which allows, from a single question, to transform any complex challenge into the simplest way to solve it. As well, they offer companies the possibility of “taking action” through their Real-Time Implementation based on Collaborative Intelligence. Their method is used in diverse areas including Technology, Innovation, Consulting, Research, Coaching, Training, Communication, Experiences, Digitization, Advertising, Events, and Design.

With their Ocho Creativos digital agency, established in 2010, they provide digital showcases through the design of web pages, video recording and editing, graphic design, and photography, to companies, entrepreneurs, and projects.

Their platform uses “iWarsM’aps” which asks and listens to the customers in a simple and reliable way, without intermediaries, to know what they really think and what they say and value.

Adolfo has been Professor at CEPADE since 2003, and since 2005 at Nebrija University. He has been teaching Strategic Management, Foresight, Economics, Innovation, Strategy and Policy, and Production Management.

Between 2007 and 2013, he was CEO at Tendencias21, an Electronic Magazine focused on Science, Technology, Society, and the Future.

Adolfo is the President of Tesorero AESPLAN (Asociación Española Planificación y Dirección Estratégica) and was Head of the Spanish Chapter at World Future Society from 1990 until 2010.

He was the President of FLAG Telecom Spain and Vice President of FLAG Telecom between 1998 and 2003, and President of URDASA, a
Real Estate and Housing Construction company for 13 years, between 1985 and 1999.

Adolfo earned his Ph.D. in Engineering at The Wharton School in 1979 on Social Systems Science. He earned his MBA in 1976 from The Wharton School as well. In 1970, Adolfo earned his Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering and Operations from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1964, he earned his Industrial Engineer (ICAI) degree from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Adolfo began his managing career in 1976 with PRODUGAS, as CEO of this Gas Station and Gas Distribution company until 1981. He was also Advisor at CISSA, a company for Installing Industry Infrastructures (1977–1984), President at CAS (South Agriculcolar Corporation) (1978–1985), and Advisor at FORSSA, an Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Company.

In 1981, he cofounded and was Managing Director of the Center for Economic Prediction (CEPREDE), from the group of Autonomous University of Madrid until 1983, when he became the Director at the Foundation for the Development of the Social Function of Communications (FUNDESCO), where he directed the Futures Research and Strategic Planning and was responsible for a group dedicated to Strategic Thinking activities for Telefonica and the World of Telecom in Spain.

After seven years, he became Director at Roland Berger Strategic Consulting, he then continued in 1994 as the Main Spanish Consultant at Ameritech and Airtel, and became the General manager for Spain at Sprint International in 1996.

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