Lifeboat 500

Inspired by the Methuselah Mprize Three Hundred.

No amount is too small! The number of individual donors is just as important as the size of the donation, in terms of showing public support for this effort. So if you can’t afford to join the Lifeboat 500 today, join as an Economy Class member and if you later become a Lifeboat 500 member, we will give you credit for all your earlier donations!

For the price of a cup of coffee a day you can join a select group of visionaries who are standing shoulder to shoulder as the first vanguard in the real war to ensure humanity adopts the increasingly powerful technologies of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics without too many casualties.

Our fundraising experience has convinced us that when given the option, there are thousands of individuals and organizations who will be willing to choose life over money. So we decided something special was in order.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a few special individuals and organizations to make a meaningful, but affordable commitment: $1,000 a year, for 25 years, which amounts to $85 a month or $2.75 a day, the equivalent of one visit to Starbucks.

Now 25 years is a long stretch and you might be thinking that many things can occur in 25 years, after all, it is possible that terrorists using nanotechnology may not let us live that long. The possibility exists that there will be some of The Five Hundred who will be unable to see through their commitment for any variety of reasons. For these few we simply accept the benefit of their contributions. Arrangements could be made that their commitment could continue should they so wish it, even if they themselves, a fallen comrade in arms, were unable.

Lifeboat 500 members may request free copies of The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen — and What to Do, The Singularity is Near, Our Final Hour, The Gathering Storm (DVD), and also of Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines. The Gathering Storm is a movie starring Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave that shows Winston Churchill’s valiant but futile efforts to prevent World War II and save over 50 million lives. Luckily World War II was not an existential risk as genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics are.

Lifeboat 500 members are eligible for a 100% discount on admission fees (including those of three guests) at ALL planetariums around the world and may request visits by Lifeboat staff. Meetings are subject to availability and time constraints. They also can request a beautiful personally engraved marble trophy with a working removable half hour glass after they have been a member for one year. Learn about all membership discounts and benefits!

We have launched a forum/mailing list to discuss your ideas for our programs and other suggestions for the Lifeboat Foundation. All Lifeboat 500 members may join this invitation-only discussion group.

Get your membership fees matched by your employer!

Lifeboat Foundation respects your privacy! We will not use your optional phone number to contact you for any reason other than to correct a problem relating to your membership processing.

Every donor can provide a short testimonial with their donation which will show up on our donors page. If you haven’t already created a testimonial please consider the ability of your words to help others reach the same conclusion you did. If we all work together, the day when humanity adopts the increasingly powerful technologies of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI safely will arrive that much sooner.

Privacy Statement:

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